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In the sports centre in Hveragerði there is a changing room for runners in the 53km, 106km and 100 mile runs and an option to store equipment bags. Runners also have access to a sports massage therapist. A doctor or a nurse will perform a general health check after the run for these distances mentioned above.

All participants have access to a doctor and nurse. Every participants will be given a ticket to go to the local swimming pool in Hveragerði, which is known for its excellent location, building style and the geothermal water that practically runs from the ground to the pool. After the races, all participants are invited to the BBQ party at “The Finish Line Burger Joint” which is the best pop-up burger joint in the country. There we serve quality burgers from SS Iceland along with vegetarian options and drinks from CCEP. The awards ceremony, where participants and families and friends can join in, will take place at 4pm on the last day.

Time monitoring equipment will be used and all participants will have a timing-chip. During the awards ceremony will be a prize-draw where a lucky few participants will get goody bags and other prizes. Everyone will get something to remember this day of achievements.

The competition’s slogan is “Everyone can run, everyone wins and everyone is welcome”

Participation in the 53, 106 and 160 kilometre runs in Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra awards participants UTMB points. The competition gets a lot of participants from other countries around the world since these points are only awarded in qualifying races.

The partnership with UTMB has gone well through the years as has our partnership with ITRA, International Trail Running Association. In recent years the rules were tightened so every race across the world has gone down one point which explains why fewer points were to be had from the race in 2019 than before.

Participation in Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra awards the following points:

  • Participation in the 53km run awards participants 2 UTMB points.
  • Participation in the 106km run awards participants 4 UTMB points.
  • ITRA is evaluating how many points the 100 mile run will award.

ITRA or “International Trail Running Association” is the governing body for trail running.

UTMB or “Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc” is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon, first held in 2003, that follows the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc. It is a race of the Ultra-Trail world tour. The races have strict entry and qualification requirements attained by accumulating enough race points through qualifying trail races, such as Salomon Hengill Ultra in Iceland, over the previous two-year period More information can be found here and also here.

The rules for Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra can be found here.

The terms and conditions for Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra can be found here.


The competition schedule will appear here nearer to the competition date.

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