The Viking Tournament Shop is open!

Hressir kappar í KIA Gull
Cool dudes crossing the finish line in KIA Goldencircle Challenge

We’ve just open our Viking Tournament Store. A lot of our contestants have been asking about merch and memorabilia to remember and celebrate a fun filled event with friends and to serve as a reminder of your special and pretty cool accomplishment by finishing any of our competitions – No mean feat that!

We’re just getting started and we’ve got some handy Camelbak drink containers and Gildan premium cotton T-shirts.

We’ve got more coming, get in touch if there’s something you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you.

Look forward to seeing you in the next competition!

Check out the new store here!

Hengill Ultra Merkisbolur
Hengill Ultra logo t-shirt
KIA Gull merkisbollur
KIA Gull logo t-shirt
Camelbak vatnsbrúsar
Camelbak drink bottle

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The Viking Tournament Shop is open!


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