Current Conditions at Hengill Area

We are only 10 days away from Hengill Ultra Trail Run 2024. The top trail for the 106K & 53K has more snow than usually. Our crew starts working this week on making that trail safer to run. However, there will always be some snow in these longer trails and runners have to make sure they have all obligatory safety gear and tread lightly where needed.

The 26K currently has no snow but some of the trail surroundings have been damaged over the winter. This is woodworks around the hot springs and the bridge before the incline up Reykjadalur. That is being worked on as we speak as a part of the town of Hveragerði preparation for the Summer hiking season.

GPS Trackers for all 100K and some 50k Runners

All runners In the 100K will be equipped with a GPS tracker. Selected runners in the 50K will be equipped with them as well to give us an overview of the pace and progress of the participants. We don’t know that this kind of equipment has been used in Iceland before in an off-road race. The GPS tracker provides us with information on exactly where each runner in the 100K is located at each time. This is for the safety of competitors in these distances, for the benefit of the organizers both for safety purposes and for an overview during execution, and to provide information for spectators in the area and at home.

This is expensive equipment, but the plan is that next year we can have GPS trackers on everyone for 100K and everyone for 50K.

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Current Conditions at Hengill Area


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